About us

The "ThatPoster" project was conceived in our minds a couple of years ago, and its implementation started in 2023. Numerous coffee-fueled meetings have brought us to the moment of the official project presentation.

During the process of creating "ThatPoster," we endeavored to anticipate every hypothetical oversight. We made every effort to analyze all the smallest project details. The entire website process and customer tests have officially led us to this final moment. We are presenting what actually makes our posters unique.

A poster usually refers to a sheet of paper with an illustration. Our posters are different. They are created on a smooth and durable plate, producing a unique effect. Moreover, you can customize the poster yourself; the illustration, shape, and size of the poster are up to you. Furthermore, Velcro for attaching the poster is added to every order. You don’t need to worry about any wall damage. In a nutshell, it’s a perfect way to decorate every single room.

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